Creative - without Nature? (DK/IS/US/N/J)

Liv Vester Larsen, violin, vocal, effectpedals / composings and podcasting

Soloproject with various artist / Performing on stage and as Podcast.

Supported by Dansk Komponistforening, Sydbank Fonden, DJBFA, DPA and SDMK.

Collaborating with Visual Artist My Lambertsen / SLØR Visual Performance

#1 Back to Nature

Lene Høst Mees, vocal, percussion, handwriting

Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen, piano

#2 Iceland

Lene Høst Mees, vocal, stonepercussion

Mirja Klippel, vocal, kantele, keyboard

Maja Aarøe Freese, vocal, cello

#3 Lofoten

Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen, piano, electronics

#4 Without Nature

My Lambertsen, Audio and Visual Art

Imagine planet Earth - with no nature left!

Can we be creative the same way we are now?

Or can we create at all?



Cover Photo: Kent Bovin / Design and clothing: Bára Astválsdottir

Fakefruit/Painted plastic Photos: My Lambertsen / SLØR Visuals

Huldrelokkk (N/D/S/DK)

Huldrelokkk - the wood nymph's beckoning call, is a all-female trio playing acoustic      

folk music from three Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


Photo: Uwe Neumann

Nordstrand (DK)

Nordstrand - a jazzfolk qvintet, re-arranged songs from Inger Lauritzen, a local singer

and interpreter from Lønstrup, Northern Denmark.

Photo: Ditte Zakarias

Mikael K og Klondyke (DK)

Mikael K, vocal, guitars, banjo

Anton Johannes Hejl, bas

Liv Vester Larsen, violin, backing vocal

Marianne Lewandowski, drums, backing vocal

Alamente (DK)

Lene Høst Mees, vocal

Liv Vester Larsen, violin, viola, vocal

Poul Udbye Pock-Steen, cembalo

Schneetreiben Quartet - Kelpie (D/N/Sco/DK)

Kerstin Blodig (D,N), vocal, guitar, bodhran, bouzouki

Ian Melrose (Sco), vocal, guitar, flutes

Liv Vester Larsen (DK), vocal, violin

Martin Lillich (D), vocal, bas

Photo: Uwe Neumann

Workshops and lessons

Suzuki Violin lessons

I am educated Suzuki violin Teacher in 2018, from The European Suzuki Association.

I am a member of the Danish Suzuki Organisation.

I teach after the "One teaching point" method.

My goal is to create a good environtment for the pupils, so they feel comfortable,

happy and ready to receive the violinlesson.


Workshop in vocal harmonies

I am educated in vocal teqnique and harmonies.

I will guide you and give you some easy methods, that will develop your work in harmonies, weather you sing in a duo, trio or a choir:

-how to learn?

-practise? how?

-listen to your voice and your companion singers?

You are allways velcome to contact me for further info about the private lessons, the Suzuki method, workshops etc.                                               

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