Creative - without Nature?

Creative - without Nature?

Imagine planet Earth - with no nature left!

Can we be creative the same way we are now?

Or can we create at all?

I ask myself that question and I ask it to all of you!

I travel to different places with a lot of access to nature as well as places with no or little access to nature.

How does it feel for my creativity to be there? What do I create?

What do musicians located in that specific area create?

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"Liv works purposefully with her project, there in the best cross-artistic way,

unites different artistic expressions from music, visuals, theater, litterature and performance."

-Poul Udbye Pock-Steen, organizer BRO, 7/11 2020

"Liv is able to carry out extraordinary artistic works as the multitalented instrumentalist,

composer and podcast producer she is.

I have been supervising her project and find the resulting writings

as an interesting interdiciplinary contribution

from both an academic and an artistic perspective"

- Morten Carlsen. Lecturer in Art and Culture Studies at RMC, Copenhagen, 2021.

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