Creative - without Nature?

Imagine planet Earth - with no nature left!

Can we be creative the same way we are now?

Or can we create at all?

I ask myself that question and I ask it to all of you!

I travel to different places with a lot of access to nature as well as places with no or little access to nature.

How does it feel for my creativity to be there? What do I create?

What do musicians located in that specific area create?

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" incredibly exciting project with wide potential for further dissemination of nature´s power and voice."

- Adam Bouttai,**** GAFFA Magazine 10/10 2021

"Liv and My creates a unique learning environment where children playfully

navigate the tension between nature, art and technology.

The workshop illuminates our world through a creative perspective,

which gives the children the opportunity to experience how the connection between nature and technology

can be understood and interpreted in a creative and artistic way."

- Peter Schneider-Kamp, Prof. in Artificial Intelligence, University of Southern Denmark, 3/9 2022

"Liv works purposefully with her project, there in the best cross-artistic way,

unites different artistic expressions from music, visuals, theater, litterature and performance."

-Poul Udbye Pock-Steen, organizer BRO, 7/11 2020

"Liv is able to carry out extraordinary artistic works as the multitalented instrumentalist,

composer and podcast producer she is.

I have been supervising her project and find the resulting writings

as an interesting interdiciplinary contribution

from both an academic and an artistic perspective"

- Morten Carlsen. Lecturer in Art and Culture Studies at RMC, Copenhagen, 2021.

"The concept of Creative - without Nature? matched perfectly with our festival theme, "Art and Science."

Liv gave an engaging presentation about her research before her musical performance.

In all, the event opened the audiences curiosity and we were encouraged to think more about the interplay between nature, technology and creativity."

- Michael Magee, organizer Odense Science Lab/Odense Havnekulturfestival, 29/5 2021

Supported by

Dansk Komponistforening, KODA Dramatik, KulturRegion Fyn,

Sydbank Fonden, Dansk Artist Forbund, DPA,

SDMK, Odense Musikudvalg,

DJBFA / Sangskrivere og Komponister,

Dansk Musiker Forbund DMF.

Winner of

The Danish National Academy of Music and Danish Musicians Association

- Entrepreneurship Award 2021.